Monday, 6 December 2021

The gift guide for men 2021


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Let's chat mens. The hardest part of my Christmas shopping is trying to get any sort of answer to asking what my dad, brother and boyfriend actually want. The answer is usually "nothing" and I proceed to trail the internet for things they'll actually like. I've put together this top picks guide to make it a little easier on us all, so let's get started.

Let's start with fragrances. I'm a bit at a loss this year as, since I caught Covid in December 2020, I haven't regained my taste or smell. So I've chosen these nose-blind as such, in the hopes they may smell nice. But who knows?! First up is the classic Davidoff Cool Water set. I bought this in TK Maxx back in the summer. I knew I'd struggle with men's items, so grabbed it whilst I saw it! It's a fabulous size with a shower gel too! TK Maxx often have a great range of fragrance sets so it's worth checking your local store each week for sure! 

Next is a couple of scents I've heard many good things about: Hugo Boss The Scent, and Gucci Guilty. My boyfriend is a Hugo Boss fragrance fan, so that'll be going under his tree this year, and I mean, you can't go wrong with Gucci can you? Click here to buy The Scent. and here for Guilty.

Skincare is something I'm passionate about, especially for men. Purely because my boyfriend can use a bar of soap and have the smoothest skin, so I'm pushing the Clinique this year, because imagine his skin after a proper pamper?? The Great Skin set includes cleansers and creams and is fabulous to get a bloke into looking after his skin this Christmas. 

Finally, and something I've been very excited about, Inspirited Dry Gin. Alongside the cute little personalised bottle sticker, the entire experience is personalised too. When you click on the website, you pick a pre-made gin or can create your own gin from a huge range of ingredients! It's such a fabulous idea and I choose a lemon flavoured one for one fruit obsessed recipient! Click here to buy. 


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