Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Online policing: are we taking it too far? Why I HATE social blade

I remember about a year ago, when everyone blogged for fun. We were inspired by those before us, and I think we can count ourselves as the second generation. If you blog, you blog. Whether that's to 500k or 500. However there seems to be this rising of people within the Blogosphere that take it upon themselves to police everyone else. These aren't huge bloggers, instagrammers of tweeters necessarily either.

They will:
Promote the use of social blade like they're being paid to
Promote the 'outing' and 'name shaming' of people they ASSUME to be buying followers or 'likeing to unlike' 
Subtweet and indirect the specific people that they want to start 'outing' then act like they hate the drama of it all.

I cannot stand social blade. If you sit on that site and watch or stalk people's followings for days, what on earth are you doing? Why waste time staring at someone else's feeds for them to look a bit dodgy. What constitutes dodgy? Someone who gains a lot of followers in one day? Someone who followers a lot then unfollows alot? Let's examine my social blade shall we:

If you looked at my following for the past month, you can see I gain a few and lose a few on normal days. Back in December I worked with a brand who over Christmas promoted my blog and the post so much that I increased my all time views 9 times over (I did the math). Just after this, they did the same on Instagram on a couple days using one of the photos that I took. I gained so many new followers and I couldn't have been more grateful to work with such a fab brand. I tweeted about it when it happened, because, as a lot of us do, felt worried that the insta police would come knocking and make a problem out of nothing, without bothering to know the facts. Since when did we have to answer to anyone? Since when did we have to explain everything to people we've never met? 

Dear instagram police. When you have a moan, or a slanging match, or randomly pick on someone, firstly, it makes everyone else think that you've done something dodgy and are making such a ruckus that no one would suspect. But they do. There are certain people that I simply will not follow because of how rude and nosey they are, that if I dared follow and proceed to unfollow within a 20 year gap, they act like they'd come and shoot my cat for it.

"I went through her feed and its ALLLLL bots". 1. I don't care. 2. Go find a hobby. 3. I still don't care. Do not bring your negativity onto my feed. Do not pick on someone because you're bored. Do not make up rumours (are we 12??) because a person is growing a little faster than you. Someone reached a milestone? Great, congratulate them instead of finding any excuse to rip them apart. 

Do I think Social Blade can be useful? Yes. For BRANDS to see who they're working with, and should be a user thing to download and send of their own stats. Do I think any blogging sally should be able to see? No. If brands want to work with the bot buyers, let them at it. They'll soon realise when no one buys the product or likes the post that they should have worked with someone else. Its not YOUR job to do so.

Let's all stop going on at one another, have a cuppa, and focus on your own stuff. 


  1. I defo agree with you in parts: if people who buy followers are being paid by brands to promote things to their “followers”, it’s fraud and I think you’re right about brands perhaps being the only ones to see it - perhaps it could work on a subscription basis or something?

    However, I don’t think people “sit on social blade all day” and watch people’s followers fluctuate but if I have an inkling that someone’s following might be fake, i’ll go and have a nosey, I have to admit!

    Social blade is such a handy tool that helps me track my growth and see future projections. It doesn’t really bother me that anyone can see mine because I’ve never done anything suspicious or wrong to gain my followers so mine would look pretty normal! I understand why some people might not want their stats to be looked at by any old person but I would argue if you’ve got nothing to hide then it should be an issue - all your follower counts are public anyway!

    However, I disagree with you that social blade is a massive problem. People buying followers is the problem, not social blade.

    I hate the name calling and the witchunts that come from social blade “outings” and would never, ever partake in those but I just don’t see social blade as a huge issue! It’s definitely the “call out” nature of the blogosphere that drives that!

    1. Hey Chloe!

      I don't think the problem lies with people have a little look every now and then, but definitely the people who intend to 'out' people are!

      I agree that it's a helpful tool, and for myself I also don't care if people have a look, but when I gained a substaincal amount more in a day than usual, I did feel the need to explain why. I think the day of or around it, something had happened on twitter or Instagram and I saw bloggers having a pop at people again. I agree that people buying followers are the problem, and it shouldn't even be a thing to buy them! But people taking it into their own hands to police, leads to mistakes being made as they accuse the wrong people, including people I know!

      Can't the blogosphere be a bit more friendly? Haha

  2. I absolutely 100% love and agree with this whole post xxx

  3. Oh god, I remember when few months back I created a secondary account to clean my beauty one from friends. I unfollowed about 20 in a day then did a little sweep of accounts that haven’t posted in a while. I unfollowed 40+. I too felt the need to explain. Why tho? The whole police joke made me laugh too. I totally agree there are people out there who must have all the time in the world. I check my social blade once a month as I just don’t have the time and I sure as hell don’t check others because I simply don’t give a dot dot dot ;)


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