Friday, 22 January 2016

Ways to Relax when Stress takes over

The past year has been one of love and loss for me. Meeting Alfie was amazing but any positive seems to be met with 10x more negative. Death was a prominent part in 2015, even until the last few days, but that story is for a different blog post. At the start of this new year, I didn't make any resolutions (other than to go to the gym but thats not happening any time soon...) but I want to be happier. I'm not unhappy, I have a a job, boyfriend, health (eh) etc but stress is very very high and does effect me hard. So I've written a few of my top 5 things that make me destress or to avoid stress in the first place.

1- Pamper evening
The ultimate in body care. I am soon to do a pamper routine video on my channel, showing the steps I take from face masks and fluffy socks to shavers and shampoo. Every step helps me to think that I'm giving my skin the worship that it needs, when daily life takes over and a facial wipe becomes your best friend.

Nothing gets my brain working more than a good plan to make. I plan everything from sleepovers and day trips to blog/vlog posts and books to read. I buy numerous note books that I skip between, one per handbag..., and tick off things I've achieved and add things through out my day. It helps to relieve some of that worry and stress built up in trying to remember everything and you can get hold of a few pretty cute notebooks in the shops.

Whether you're a tea fan or not, a nice hot drink on a cold winter's day is just the stress free medicine I need. It warms me up from the cold , but also proven to help cool down the body during the summer (don't ask how, Tea is magic in a cup).

4-Sleep more & wake up earlier
I don't necessarily have this problem, as I find it very hard to stay awake after 10 pm and have never done in infamous 'all nighter'. However I still notice a difference between sleeping at 8pm rather than 11pm. I also aim to get up as early as possible. If I sleep in until 11am, I feel disgusting, like I've just woken up in a pit of body dirt and bad breath (lovely image...). Getting up early, whether that be for uni, work or in general, really is refreshing. Getting into a routine of up early-sleep early is great for the internal clock, and helps the mind to rest when it needs to.

In the past few weeks I've made some big changes to my wardrobe, bedroom and therefore mindset. My wardrobe has always been a problem of mine. For forever and a day I've had bags and bags of clothes stuffed behind my 'hung' up clothes of summer or winter garments that barely ever made the daylight. This time last year I significantly changed that by throwing 5/6 bags away and most of the other bits were too emotionally attached to me to go. For example, that lovely pink dress with the lace that you bought when you were 14, still fits, but your legs have grown in that time so is more like a mini skirt and is definitely see through. Couldn't do it...until now. I did get rid of ALOT last year, so being a clothes hoarder like myself, I was quite proud. However my wardrobe space is very small, with half of the top part taken up by my mums things (like a sewing machine and dolls in their boxes) and the bottom much the same. However the new year inspired me to do something about this issue. I went out and bought around 90 (doesn't look that much once they're all hung up) velvet hangers, as these allow for garments to actually stay hung up and be compacted into a small space. If after these were full up, any item not on would be thrown away (other than summer shorts and leggings that are in a small neat pile on the shelf). I placed my pyjamas into a box and put that at the bottom of the wardrobe, underneath my hanging shirts/tops and it fits perfectly. Other things that have helped my stress stay to a minimum are buying a cheap laundry basket, as my sisters dirty clothes are now not thrown all over the floor. New white bedding, because I need an excuse to make my bed everyday and to not eat on it, and buying a new desk. My room is small. Not 'box room' small but you couldn't fit a football team in here, We have bunkbeds because theres not enough room for two individuals (this isn't 100% true, feel free to have two beds, but you won't be able to open the wardrobe doors or have any sort of draw chests at all). However the desk already in here is shared by the both of us, and she wouldn't have my make up on top or agree with anything that I bought for it. So I moved my chest of draws in-front of the boiler cupboard that no one uses, and bought a cheap (£40) desk from Ikea, with a built in draw (now filled with make up). Little things like these just allow me to feel like I have my own space, that being in a shared room with a sibling every day just cannot do.

The next year will see me sorting out my life further. I want to network more, whether that be friend wise or business wise. I want to grow my blog, which I've neglected over the past few months whilst uni (amongst other things) has taken over. Stress is a big part in my life, and hopefully in the coming few months, I can eliminate that, or dramatically reduce the negative mindset that stress holds over me.


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