Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Why I love christmas soooooo much... Too early?!

So it's June. Summer is slowly arriving and the midnight gnat whacking sessions have made an appearance once again. Don't get me wrong; I love summer. The heat, dainty shoes...beach... But what I don't love however is the burn I will enevitably receive due to my ghostly pale skin in an attempt to tan *yes I wear sun cream!*. I get super cold really quickly. I can stand in the sun for ages but as soon as one small gust of wind hits, I start shivering and the hairs on my arms stand up as if they're all ready for battle. With summer you don't know what you're going to get, but Winter... Winter is a different story.

From September onwards, seeing the shelves of supermarkets fill up slowly with christmas related items is like a fan girl moment every minute. I remember walking into Tesco at aged 7/8 and straight ahead on the left were the 'seasonal' stock, one side for October 31st and the other December 25th. You'd think my favourite holiday would be Halloween... Considering I'm a Graves... (made me chuckle). 

My birthday consistently ends up with Christmas related presents, due to being 1 month exactly before the big day, but in no way am I complaining. I've always had a huge family, 8 blood uncles/aunts, their husbands/wives, and endless amounts of cousins (some of which are so old now I've never actually met them), second cousins, great uncles/aunts/cousins etc etc. My 'first cousins' add up to around 50, with even more of the 2nd and now 3rd set too... So Christmas was a big deal. My nan & grandad have an annual Boxing Day party where my father's side of the family ( gather in the house, my grandad dressing up as Father Christmas and giving everyone a small extra gift from 'Santa'. My parents have been separated for a long time now. I remember my dad living with us until like 5 years ago or something along those lines, but really and truly I didn't care... I have two Christmas' with two sides of my family both happy as they are. I know that if my parents were still living together or trying to make things work now, they'd both be unhappy as anything. Per year it changes slightly, 2014 I went to dads on Christmas Eve, woke up Christmas Day, went to my dad's brothers for christmas dinner, then about 6/7 went home to my mothers. So from 7ish PM on 25 Dec, my mum, me, brother and sister started christmas all over again, and acted as if it were Christmas Eve. This meant that we only got PJs and a small present (as it was indeed the actual Christmas Day) but all other presents would be put under the tree by 'Santa' during the night to wake up to on Christmas Day (which was the 26th in our house... Still with me love? At mums we get Christmas Eve pjs and stockings at the end of our bed to be filled up by Santa during the night. My father however thinks we are too old for stockings and new pjs. He is most definitely wrong. 

This year will be different however. Christmas Eve - 6PM Christmas Day will be spent with Mum and my nan, Christmas Day 6PM- Boxing Day evening will be spent with my father, grandparents and his side of the family. The boxing day party will most likely be in fashion (2014's didn't happen as my uncle had tragically passed a few months before so Christmas was a downplayed event, sad, but a time for the family to help each other and come together, not to mourn but to celebrate the life of a previous man). 

Decorations are the reason I live during December. Small handmade tree baubles. My white mini christmas tree that stands proudly on the desk surrounded by Father Christmas fairy lights and golden glittery reindeer. My bedroom becomes the christmas room. Or so I have named it. Tinsel still today is wrapped around my curtain hanger for two reasons; 1- Christmas all year round 2- I can't reach to take it down. Everything else however is in my wardrobe in a bag screaming to come out. I have delegated pillows/cushions, bed throws and duvet covers to only be used at christmas. Christmas sented Yankee Candles are to be burnt at all times (with a responsible adult in the room) and songs of a festive nature are played 24/7. For 52 weeks of the year however I constantly hear the words 'IT'S CHRISTMAS' in my mind and I do feel slightly mental. 

Is it too early?!

No. We're (give or take) closer to christmas 2015 than we are to christmas 2014! For me it isn't about the big day itself (however Christmas Eve from 6pm onwards gets a bit exciting). From the starting of the decorations in shops, present shopping, the helping of charities and giving to your loved ones. I love it all. 

Present shopping is such a huge deal for me. I would probably cry if I thought that I hadn't put enough effort in to each friend's gift. Uni starts in September so not being able to see the people I've seen everyday for pratically 15 years is going to hurt. I've already cried and just been sad about the prospect of change which I'll go into more detail about in another post closer to the time. Christmas gives me focus, and I cannot wait to meet up for a coffee or to film a video with my closest people whom I haven't really seen in maybe months or weeks, to give them presents for still wanting to know me, putting up with me and just as a way of giving back to those who matter. Examples of stupid presents I have given over the years: mug with christmas themed socks, hot chocolate and a candle inside. A bauble of a globe which I bought a cupcake box for and made a tag saying 'let's go on an adventure', making my own body scrub (I really wouldn't use it though girls... If you have a rash that's down to you...) and other silly bits like make up, jewellery and gift sets from the body shop for example. All wrapped up individually into a bag.

Yes I have started planning christmas presents. Yes I note down things my parents comment that they'd like through out the year (however it would be nice if my mum remembered she wanted it instead of blankly staring at the box asking what it was...) and yes I'm already counting down the days. I mean christmas starts pretty much November 1st... I did originally say October 1st but the looks I receive from people of misunderstanding and sometimes horror are enough... This really was the longest post I've ever done.. Sorry ;)

Long story short...but not really... I love christmas and if the University of the North Pole has any spaces, I'd be happy to attend because I think I was born to be an elf. 

Here I give you a fetching photo from Christmas Day 2014 (the 25th for no confusion) of myself and my cousin in his fashionable snowman jumper, Santa hat and matching Santa slippers setting the table, whilst I was in pjs writing name cards for the 20000 people sitting at the dinner table. What an exclusive.

K x

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