Mock neck? Beltable? Buttons all the way down? YES YES YES! I am in love with this dress through and through. My go two go to shades are of course white and brown, or beige if I'm feeling fancy. The crisp white of the dress (gifted from Shein) is a perfect base for the colour. I've paired it with these brown New Look sandals with a Gucci vibe to them, a Primark woven beach bag and a (Gucci inspired again) H&M belt.

Honestly, I don't think I've ever paired a better outfit together in my life. A basic will always win over a bright and bold shade for me and this dress works perfectly in my wardrobe.

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The colour of the year? SAGE. A darker than mint shade that, more so at the beginning of the year, had me ordering everything that slightly matched. Today I bring you this week's dress love. It is, of course, sage green, and has FRILLS would you believe. The sleeves are puffed and there's a waist tie belt that cinches you in. 

The dress is very luxury, high end looking, and honestly, I'm finding excuses to wear it out

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Andddd the country is back to bars and pubs, brunch dates and hair cuts. Whilst we thought it may not happen (and part of me thinks theres a chance we may be running before we can walk), summer seems to be back on, and that means I need one thing: summer dresses. 

I've spoken on here before about summer dresses. How thin they are, but flattering, pretty and perfect for picnic lunches and going out-out evenings. The one I'm wearing here was a PR Product from Shein. I saw it on a friend some weeks ago and KNEW it was for me. Yellow is't something I'm over used to in my wardrobe, as beige and white are good all year round. But I loved it. It's waist cinching, slightly puffed, low cut if that's your thing. And it's very pretty, which is definitely my thing. 

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I'll be honest. For 5/6/7 years after my textiles lessons in secondary school, making dodgy pjs, the thought of gingham made me shudder. I didn't see why anyone would choose to wear it, and often compared dresses in the stores to table cloths in pub gardens. One day I took myself to a SS press day in the big city and kept wondering over to a certain brand's rack, full of gingham, and I couldn't stop thinking about the pieces since. The minute them hit the online space I snapped up the bits I'd loved a few weeks before and a year later they're the first things I'll pull out on a summer's day.

The dress I'm wearing here was gifted by Shein. It's lightweight and swingy, perfect for twirling. It has adjustable straps which is fabulous for the less-chested of us all, and goes perfectly with a pair of hi-tops for everyday or espadrilles for a picnic vibe. 

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If you remember back to last summer, the H&M lemon co-ord was THAT thing to buy. Since then my love of co-ords has continued and I'm planning my *hopefully* Cyprus holiday in a few months around a co-ordinated wardrobe. The one I'm wearing here was gifted by Shein. It's frilly skirt fits right in my closet and the top is cute with a pair of jeans and sandals on a slightly cooler day. 

Pair the pieces with espidrills or trainers, or, as I've been thinking, skinny ankled boots wouldn't go a miss either. Even in the summer. There, I've said it. 

Co ord gifted by Shein. Use code katiecouture15 for money off. Click here to buy.  Code: swtwop07200324414
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The summer dress. Over the top sleeves, blowy skirts and thin fabric. I'm partial to a ruffle too I must say. The summer dress comes in all forms, and whilst some are strictly 35 degrees+ weather, most can be transitioned into your AW wardrobe too, so now is the best time to invest for the next half a years worth of style. 

I'm wearing this Shein (gifted) dress. It's long sleeves are super thin with the cutest ruffle cuff. It's low cut, but nothing a pin or vest can't fix if it's not for you. I'm all for slightly puffed looking, fling yourself about in it kind of skirts. I can imagine a picnic with some white wine and strawberries on a warm day with this skirt slightly spread across the floor. 

My summer dresses are the pieces I look forward to pulling from the loft each year and this one is no different. 

Dress gifted from Shein. Use code katiecouture15 for money off. Click here to buy * affiliate link

The A Line dress, first named so by Mr C Dior, in 1955. In 1958, YSL then took the shape and made it into what we know now with a fitter shoulder and flared material. It's untouched by embellishment or pleats and doesn't usually have pockets, if you didn't know.

I have here the perfect example. The sleeves are puffed, very puffed even and right from the top you can see the shape flare out slightly as it does down into a midi length. The material here is thick, great quality and durable. The sweetheart neckline gives a plain (bar the sleeves) dress a little something extra without being too much. I've added a belt for colour and would pair some espadrilles and a beige leather jacket over the top for a summer evening out.

What's your favourite shape?
Gifted by Shein. Buy the dress here. Use code katiecouture15 for money off your purchase.

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