Do you ever just love an outfit? For me anything tweed, or white, are a win so this outfit was a no brainer and I haven't stopped wearing it since. 

The dress is gifted from Shein, as are the boots. The links are: 

I added a chunky Primark belt and this gifted Skinny Dip headband (pink obviously) to finish. The dress also has a pussybow tie and have you SEEN anything so cute. 10/10 win win all round.

Use my code katiecouture15 for an extra 15% off!

Items mentioned are gifted. This is not a paid post.


Oh look ANOTHER black Friday post? Correct but this time it's on that site that you always look at, click off of but hear someone at work go "I buy from there all the time". And TODAY is your day my friend. Shein are offering a sale on their already cheap as chips clothing, with 500 new styles added daily. Use code BF19409 for 20% off your purchase from the 13th of Nov to the 31st of December too!

My choices:
The pink dress of dreams. A dupe of a well known high street brand's designer collaboration, but a dupe I knew I NEEDED in my life. And it comes in 3 colours. Wonderful. Next, a pair of white boots that we all should have in our AW wardrobe. A staple heel and croc print to match. What's not to like? And finally, a poncho. Add a long sleeved top, skinny jeans and boots and you're ready for a festive trip into town.


Pink dress Product ID 871831
Boots Product ID 865511
Poncho Product ID 580321

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Thanks to Shein for sponsoring this post. Items mentioned are gifted. This post is not paid for. 

It's a known fact that I rather enjoy the retro, roller skating fashion of the 50s and 60s. From head bands to boots, mini skirts to flares, I want it ALL.

Who said you can't wear the mini in the winter? This two piece co ord from Shein is a literal dream, and the skirt itself is perfection. It's pleated and falls perfectly so that pairing it with a white pair of OTK or knee high boots, works wonders. And talking of boots, these are my FAVOURITE things on the planet right now. The gold rim heel is the perfect height for both driving and running the catwalk (or sorts, work corridor even?). They're a thin pleather/plasticy type material but they don't fall down at all either and this means they're easy to clean. 

I have even stated to wear accessories would you believe it. Primark, Skinny Dip and a host of brands are selling the thick headbands, and it's one trend I'm happy to run with. Grab a neutral colour, or a pink even, and you're good to go.


Co ord: Shein* Gifted (Use code KatieCouture15 for ££ off)
Boots: River Island

I'm not usually one for all black. I'd happily pair a black pair of jeans with a white jumper, but, as I've recently realised, some days call for an all black everything kinda day.

My jeans are my life right now, They're gifted from New Look but I'd happily buy another pair any day of the week. The pleather is definitely here to last lads. My black roll neck is fabulous quality, thick but still stretchable enough to fit over your head without taking all your foundation with it. It's Zara of course.

My bag and shoes are from River Island and these boots are literally made for walking, driving, running and all sorts. To beige up that outfit, because who am I trying to kid, I've attached a camel blazer coat. It's thinner and slightly shorter than my usual camel coats, longer than a blazer, so perfect to get away with either.

Boots: River Island *affiliate link
Bag: River Island *affiliate link
Top: Zara 
Jeans: New Look *affiliate link
Blazer: Shein Use code katiecouture15 for money off!

All items in this post (bar the Zara top) were gifted but this post is not an AD.

AD- I’m a dipper. I save a bit, want something and dip into my savings with the good intention of paying it back to myself. Does it ever happen? Not a chance. Recently I’ve been having a semi-mid life crisis, that I’m in a job I can’t save for the future with, and have a feeling of being just... stuck. When I heard about Tandem I decided to give the app a go, just to see what difference it makes in my spending, and how much I could actually save.

The app allows you to set your own limits and you’re in control whilst the app does it all for you. You get a weekly autosaving, so the app will collect a certain amount of money to save weekly. The amount is up to you obviously. I found this way great for saving a little, without realising it. I try and save monthly on payday, but I notice big chunks missing and it bugs me. I’ve set my auto saving to £5 a month for a little while. I’ll barely notice it because it’s the same price as a takeaway that I get rather regularly. When connecting your bank (all safe through online banking) it checks and lists your direct debits, and deducts that from your spending money. So now every time I click on the app, I know how much I’ve got for food, and travel etc until payday. I love not having to deduct my bills, and just knowing I have the amount there for a quick glance.

My favourite little thing about the app is the round up feature. When you make a purchase, you can allow Tandem to round up the pennies left over to the nearest pound. It may only be little, but I may make 3/4 purchases day, so it’ll all add up eventually! You’re also given a statement, to see just how much you’ve spent or saved that month too. Click here to download the app and start saving yourself for the busy few months ahead! Oh and did I mention that you earn 0.5 AER too?!
So that’s how I’m saving this Autumn. I may still dip (I probably will let’s be fair) BUT it’s all a step to being able to Save For Life.

This post was apart of a paid collaboration with Tandem.

And here we have it. A beige dress that doesn't just fall straight, with a pair of white boots and a white roll neck underneath for both the 60s vibes, and keeping the cold at bay. I shot this without actually looking at it, until I got home, and realised that it is indeed.. a masterpiece. My mum hates the look, my sister thought it was a coat, but they look up in admiration as they make their snide comments and I know that they're just jealous that they cannot in fact pull this look off if they tried. Or that's what I'm telling myself anyway. 

My next go to for this outfit is a pair of white boots as per, but over the knee white boots this time, adding to the retro feel. I love a squared belt, and intend to use it for many things such as around other such dresses or even branch out and use it around a coat. Who knows. 

You can recreate this artwork by clicking on the links below:

Dress (gifted by Shein): Shein (use code katiecouture15 for money off!)
Boots: Boohoo
Roll neck: New Look

I idolised people on 5k+ for a while. I thought GOSH they must know what they're doing by 5k. When I got to 5k under a year ago I realised... we all have no idea. This blog/instagram whatever journey is a wild ride that none of really know about. We learn the laws, the taxes, the instagram methods as we go along, but there isn't a guide out there that can really help.

When I hit 9k I felt sick. Happy sick, and a good sick. And now I'm on 10, I can ever so slightly feel positive about the fact that this *could* be a job or a side career. Even a full time one in a year or so. I've grown with decent speed in the past year, and if all continues, could be on 20k within a years time. I think 10k is the point where people start listening, wanting to know why I get up at 7am on a Saturday morning and run into London to shoot. They want to know the benefits and really, they want to know what they can get from this. But that's besides the point, I shan't moan about that one today. 

10k is the start of believing that I might just be able to do this thing properly now. And I'm quite ready for it if I'm honest.

Boots gifted by Pretty Little Thing
Playsuit gifted by Shein (use code katiecouture15 for 15% off!)

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