On a sunny day in Rome, I found myself arguing with a clearly distressed buyer about promoting a buy now, pay later scheme. The app lets you split the payment of your order in 3 slices, 4 in some cases, or pay in 30 days after you've tried the items on and decided if they're for you. It has no interest either unless you can't pay the balance after 30 days and ask to split it up in smaller chunks.

I use Klarna each month to make purchases I previously wouldn't have been able to. I buy more expensive items, that'll last far longer than the likes of a Primark top. I can buy presents for family in advance rather than scraping on pay day. I know when the money comes out and with the automatic payments, I don't need to do much at all.

However on that day in Rome I felt the need to explain myself to someone who stated that the app or business itself had gotten people into debt. Because an app really gets up, walks into your house, points a gun at your head and shouts "BUY THINGS YOU CAN'T AFFORD TO PAY BACK". Obviously. If you cannot pay back what you owe that is your issue, not the app's fault. I don't see anyone screaming at banks for offering credit cards or estate agents for offering mortgage application help? 

Anyway on a brighter note, my favourite stores are pretty much, all on one of these apps, notably Klarna. Including Shein where this beautiful dress is from. It's peach, with a sweetheart neckline and structured body. Perfect in length and lightweight for the weather come the summer months. I'm very glad Shein are now on there, because does anyone else have 40 tabs open at once on the page...?

Dress gifted by Shein. Ad affiliate link. Buy here. Use code katiecouture15 for money off.
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I've discovered recently that jeans and a nice top should never, ever, be underestimated. With my one walk a day I've been pairing my favourite and most comfy jeans with a nice top each day. Today's offering is from Shein, gifted (buy here) featuring a one shoulder half sleeve. The top fits perfectly with a side zip and is baggier on top, perfect to add a bra under and not feel restricted. 

It's floral, and the sleeve amps up the drama just a tad. I've been loving the asymmetrical tops recently and they're perfect for spring and summer alike. After a short walk the other day, my coat came off and this was the look of the afternoon, so it's safe to say Spring has arrived and the longer we spend inside, summer will be just around the corner too.

This post is not sponsored or paid for. Gifted item mentioned. Use code katiecouture15 for money off your next Shein purchase.

Chanel. Not that I can afford the brand, but my love still stands. Chanel is famous, in my mind, mostly for Tweed. And over the recent years, high street stores have offered up their own tweed pieces, and I'm all for it.

One example is this dress was gifted from Shein (buy here). The classic monochrome colours, with big buttons down the front. It's a perfect length, short for spring but thick enough for transitional weather. I pair everything with white boots and would happily add a white bag and even a cheeky neck tie too.

I love tweed and online (because #CV2020) stores like Shein have a fabulous range of tweed pieces. Get yourself some for when we're aloud out...

This post is not sponsored. Gifted items mentioned. Use code katiecouture15 for money off your Shein purchase. 


I'm sitting here with a peach lemonade whilst the washing swings on the line outside and the sun burns my feet. Spring is finally here. The garden is ready to be sat in and the grass hasn't grown so quick in months, I'm very excited.

This calls for an overhaul of a wardrobe (like I need an excuse). I've gone for staples this season, not trends, as this one shoulder pink dress would tell you. Madonna would be proud, and I'm all for pairing it with a chunk belt to 2020 it up a tad, if you will. I've slipped into a pair of white mules from and paired it with a neutral bag to finish it off. Trends are a cycle, and whilst I hope leg warmers and shell suits aren't on the horizon, I am here for puffed shoulders and rouching on the waist any day.

The second outfit, whilst adding an even puffier sleeve, I'd class as a tad more understated. Bare with. The jacquard print is good to go for Spring, right through to Autumn and Winter with boots, as I've done here. White boot MAKE an outfit if you didn't know. Florals are perfect for the Spring, as we know and it fits PERFECTLY. It's a perfect picnic dress, and will do winders in the hotter months for keeping your shoulders out of the sun. A great all rounder I must say.

Both dresses gifted by Shein
Pink dress: buy here
Puffed sleeved dress: buy here

Use code katiecouture15 for money off your purchase!
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I've never known a mum who doesn't like candles, shower wash or perfume. Heck my dad likes candles, shower wash and perfume (mens obviously). As Mothers Day is tomorrow and this week has been a little all over the place, you may have forgotten to grab something other than toilet roll in this week's shop. So here is a quick list of my favourite smellies for NDD and quick pop to the shop.

Miller Harris
The newest to my perfume collection, and the ultimate in high end perfumes. Miller Harris know what they're doing, from bath products to perfectly picked perfumes. Layers of tangerine, roses, sunny narcissus and notes of vanilla to pick a few. If you're into spoiling your mum, this is a real treat (for your nose too!). The scent comes in a perfume, and a body cream and wash set also if you wanted to test the waters! Get it here.

Working with Dior is an obvious career highlight. So the product you see was gifted via our last Instagram collaboration. It doesn't stop me wanting to wear it EVERY day, especially the Dior Joy Intense (slightly more than the original Joy, which I still LOVE). They're both a very natural but floral scent to wear daily. Buy them here.

Marc Jacobs
Daisy is my mum's ultimate favourite perfume, and she will always receive some from one of us come birthday, Christmas and Mothers day. Everytime I catch a sniff somewhere I always think of my mu straight away, and I wear it myself on special occasions to feel all the warms inside. I can't offer you anything more dear to me than that. Buy it here.

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I've claimed it. It may have snowed last week and if I don't wear a knit everywhere my arms freeze over, BUT I heard birds chirping the other day, saw actual flowers bloom AND it's sunny at 7am. I'd say Spring is pretty much here. 

Spring is a great season, for all the transitional reasons. I can wear a pretty dress with puffed sleeves AND white knee high boots and not look out of place at all. Mini skirts are being paired with chunky knits, and I wore jeans and sandals the other day too. 

I'm ready for summer of course, and even has my first thought to Christmas, but I'm welcoming spring after an everlasting winter it seems. So here's to floral dresses and knee high boots. Your time has come.

Dress gifted Shein. Click here to buy. Use code Katiecoutureldn for money off!
Boots sold out River Island.

I'm a known disliker of brown shoes. I think they're fab with a little white dress in the summer, but not for suits. But today we are here, with brown sandals, brown trousers and a cream top. It's not even white. I know. Bare with me here.

I'm a sucker for basics. Telling everyone I know to pair black or white with a brighter colour, because neutral bases are the way forward. But here, I don't have either of my base colours at hand. Let's not go too crazy though. My top is cream and so one of the 50 shades of white shall we say anyway. Just not sparkling Daz white you know. But still, the sleeves, the dots, the TIE. I'm in love. My trousers are a faux leather pair from Missguided. Sandals are from Newlook, new in and have that Gucci vibe from the buckle.

Now I'm not saying I'm ditching the base colours forever. I can't. If it's a coloured dress, then white or black boots it is. I've branched out recently though with a mint green sandal, but then one would only pair that with a white jean, skirt or dress. Of course.

Top gifted Shein. Use code katiecouture15 for money off. Click here to buy

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