Hello Autumn.
Words I've longed to say for months now. Autumn is the season of hats, boots and getting that little bit jolly before the festive season begins. It's my favourite. It's September 1st. A new month, a academic year, and it's the start of a new hope as such. This year has been something out Hollywood came up with, and the faster to December and January we go, the better. 

The UK has this 1-3 ratio thing for seasons. 1/4 of the year is warm, and the other 3rds are chilly, with maybe a glimpse of sun. I'm fine with that truly. I do get to March and wish for warmer weather, but that only gives me a break and the chance to get excited to wear jumpers all over again anyway. I'm a winter baby, born in November and I thrive in the chilliness of it all. You'd think I'd be set again these months, being anemic and seizing up like a 90 year old the second the wind starts, but alas, those you love the most hurt you the most, or something like that. 

Let's talk autumn fashion. Firstly, fashion week. Now for this year The British Fashion Council have announced that the schedule will be partly online and partly in person, and notedly, genderless for the first time. Now, I love fashion week. Getting invites in my inbox and my post box and then... not going to a single show because I've either forgotten or work gets in the way. I love watching the Paris shows more though I must say, Chanel for one of course. But the vibe of LFW, the buzz, the Saturday shooting around The Strand and seeing people you haven't seen in years or those you've followed for indeed years. I doubt I'll be attending anything this year for a few reasons, but it's still TBC and I'm excited to see how it plays out. I'll miss it though but the show must go on. 

I've never been a hat girl. I've got a 5-head and a half and hats have never suited me. But since binging on Gossip Girl and realising that I am indeed Ms B Waldorf, I've never said no to a beret. I also made a brand new purchase into my life in March last year, the fedora. If you're not a hat person, get one. If you think it won't suit you, get one. They've changed my life and I realised that maybe, just a little bit, I am a hat person after all.

Whilst boots are a major love of my life, they're so fundamental that they deserve their own post. For today I'll stick to hats and blazers. The latter are a staple I've only just come to love. I was sent the one here by a brand last winter (Feb/March... who knows what was what with this year anymore). It's majorly oversized and at the time I couldn't work out what I wanted to do with it. But I didn't think to just belt it. Belt it and cinch it and it's perfect. I belt everything and love a chunky one to say the least. 

Let's talk about this little space. I've been neglecting it over the past year. I thought that with lockdown and so much free time that I'd want to write, but I just didn't. I do a freelance piece ever month for a brand and that was as far as my creativeness could go. But this morning I finally felt the urge to just write, and that's something I haven't felt in a while. So whilst I can't promise consistency or in depth thrilling posts, I can promise that from now on, the only things being published are the ones I've truly loved to write.

K x


London Fashion Week. It's been on my mind for a few months. It's my favourite time of year. Chilly weather, hoards of the most stylish people in one area waiting for their shows. People you haven't seen all year or have only met on the internet, there in real life. A week all about clothes? It's a yes from me. 

This year is a little different however. We weren't sure for months whether LFW would be all physical or all digital, and if I'm honest, I feared that if the latter happened, physical shows would disappear for good. But there is some light at the end of the tunnel. LFW will be half and half this year, with shows and digital content from the designers too. So far we know that Burberry have opted for a physical whereas the links of Molly Goddard and Richard Quinn, and many of the off schedule shows are yet to be decided upon. 

The digital shows will also be open to the public, whereas traditionally, physical shows were press only. From a personal (and very selfish view) I quite liked the exclusivity of it all. Being invited due to working my way up in the fashion/influencing world to a point where brands wanted me there, was, well.. a great feeling. Opening it to the public felt a little rubbish at the start, but I've realised that fashion week is fabulous, and something I've always said everyone needs to experience, so maybe this is their chance. 

LFW will not only feature the shows, but as mentioned, other digital content. From conversations with the designers, to live streams and digital presentations.


The chanel trend is huge in the autumn. With tweed and pearl heels, I'm more than ready to give it a go. Here I've paired the dupe heels with this tweed top. You can't see the back, but it's got pearl buttons and they're gorgeous. Pear with a blazer for a work look or some jeans as the top is short enough to look good with some high waisted bottoms. 

Buy the top here. Search code: 1397993 Gifted from Shein. #shein #sheingals Use code katiecouture15 for money off- affiliate link


I hereby announce that TWEED IS BACK. Yes lads that's right, it's cold enough for tweed. As I write this I'm sat shivering in my boyfriend's hoodie contemplating whether I should put my dressing gown on.

Tweed is autumn in a nutshell. It's classic and sophisticated, and when its cuffed, collared and paired with a chunk belt, it's perfect. This is gifted from shein and its a bright yellow BUT if that's not your thing, they do a black and white one too (which is in my basket so stay tuned..).

From blazers to loafers, what your go to tweed piece?

Buy the playsuit here. From Shein, gifted. Search code: 1314638 Use code katiecouture15 for money off. #shein #sheingals

 Summer brings blowy blouses and bbqs, but as life would have it, everything ends. And this year I'm more than happy to comply. But before I use the Autumn word, le'ts chat transitional blouses. This one here is from Shein (gifted). Its a nude which is perfect for my light beige pleather trousers, or tucked into a white skirt. 

What about for the colder months I hear you ask. It's sheer, so requires a vest anyway, so on those chilly days, add a white or nude thermal top and you're good to go.

This top is ready for the new season. Are you?

Top gifted from Shein. Buy it here. Affiliate link. #sheingals #shein Search code: 1258967 Use code katiecouture15 for money off!

Striped shirts for summer? a MUST. I've been looking for a thin blue one for a while, so when Shein gifted me this one I was a very happy girl. All white outfits with a pop of blue? Yes sir. The shirt is a little over sized, as are the straight legged mom jeans. However when tucked into each other, and paired with the dainty white heels, they go very well.

The shirt is perfect for the summer weather, where it can be 30 degrees one second and have a chill in the air the next. The bag (what I'm calling my croissant bag) is ruched and gives the only bit of OTT-ness of the outfit. Oh, and with my blonde hair? I'm a very happy girl.

Buy it here. PR product Shein. #shein #shain gals. Search code:1323477 Use code katiecouture15 for money off. 

The puffed sleeve has been a summer hit for the past two or so years now. Its over the top vibe adds a little extra to a plain tee or otherwise boring dress, and it is very much here to stay.

A little history? Oh go on then..
First seen in the Renaissance era and a huge trend in the 1890s, the sleeve has been a feminine staple for many centuries and even saw the People's Princess wear it on her wedding day. The dress I'm wearing here is a pretty standard puffed dress, with a few layers and square neckline. The sleeves though? The make it.

Buy the dress here. PR product Shein. Search code 1351343. Use cide katiecouture15 for money off. #shein #sheingals

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