I for one was not a western trend girl. The triangle heeled boot was not for me and t'was not the classic look I was going for. AND THEN one day I just.. did it. I bought a cheap pair of western cowgirl boots from the Boohoo sale, paired it with a plain dress, fedora and cord jacket and it just... went. Browns and beiges for the season paired with staple whites and blacks will pop the trend more. 

Boots: Boohoo
Jacket: Shein (use code katiecouture15 for 15% off!)* Gifted
Hat: Shein
Dress: Missguided
Bag: Lover of Luxe* Gifted

The trend isn't going away and as the season gets itself going it's set to be even bigger. Buy cheap, test the trend and see how far west you'll go. 

A lot of bloggers that I take solid style advice from all swear blind against denim, blue denim at least. But I've come to the point where sticking on a pair of mom jeans and trainers is a solid effort of my behalf and even more so now the weather is (hopefully) starting to turn as little more rustic.

Here, I've put a pair of Shein mom jeans (gifted) with a simple cami top from Pull and Bear. If you fancied them, use code katiecouture15 for 15% off! Chunky (or ugly) trainers are still in, and I'm more than happy about it, weirdly. They're not my style as such, but they're cool and I always endeavour to be cooler than I am. These were a few pennies from Primark would you believe. The jeans themselves are every so slightly baggy, with the high waist of dreams. Enough to tuck a blouse into, or hang a t-shirt over the top.

Below are a few gems I've found for your viewing, if you're ready for the new season as much as I am.


From coats to leather skirts, boots to bags, the best season is nearly upon us. With the weather ranging from sweaty to chilly it can be difficult to know what to where and when to wear it. Below are my top 10 transitional pieces for that very problem, worn with or without tights, boots, sandals, you name it. Links are below.

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For as long as I can remember, I've been that extra friend. The 'me and X are doing... do you want to come, don't worry if not' friend. I had a 'best' one in nursery and until about year 3 or 4. My friendship group expanded and hers did too.. at the other end of the playground. We grew up with our parents being friends, dance lessons together and saturdays out shopping. But come year 7 and 8, we didn't bother asking for each others phone numbers anymore and that was sort of it. Her friends dressed like they were 18 or 19 and I had a unibrow and didn't leave the house unless my socks touched my skirt hem. We were VERY different people. 

I sat next to MY best friend form year 7-11. I say MY because I wasn't hers. She made that very clear. We all have friends outside of school, she just liked hers more than me. Which is fine of course. We grew up and I took her to every family party and every special thing I ever did. In year 10 or so we had this extra friend who'd joined the small group, and it was them and me. Which was fine, of course. But when her family had special parties and things, it wasn't me invited along, it was her. I was told "you can come next time" and when the next time came I was told "oh mum choose" or "it was last minute". Which was fine. Of course. 

That other friend left in year 11 and I had my mate back, sort of. We went to sixth form and in one class we made pals with the girls in there, and sort of everyone really. I loved that class I really did. On my 18th our teacher didn't turn up so we all spent two hours in mcdonalds and they sang happy birthday and I had gifts and it's sad to think that that was so long ago now, the happiest time of my school life. But things change and history repeats itself with one of the girls always being closer to her than me and once again it was "meet US" for lunch and then "X has got me a job with her" and that truly was that. By the end of year 13 I was seeing someone so vile and manipulative and with him pulling me one way and her being pulled the other, we had nothing left in the middle. We'd look the other way at lunch and had our second ever argument without even speaking to each other. But it was fine because of course she had her friends and eventually I had no one. 

I'm qualified as a practitioner in something that deals with brain development and cognitive behaviour and it's scientifically proven that the behaviour we experience as children aged 8,9 and 10 will be experienced again at ages 18,19 and even up to 25 (and I'm sure far into adulthood too). So the cliqiness of children in the playground, the purposeful targeting of someone, and the pain of being pushed out, will always reoccur. A few years ago I met a fab group of girls who I'm still friends with now. We did everything together but then one branches out and the rest are forgotten. You'd go out with one person, and they'd bring a friend, and you'd be the one to stand there like a loner whilst they chat and catch up and you'd wish you'd never even mentioned or planned this at all. 

I don't have a best friend. All my friends have other friends. However I do have a two or so groups of friends, some I'm closer to than others, but how do you work on being their best friend at the ripe age of 22? How far can you push friendship on someone without looking weird? That's the question. So for now I'm ok with being the forgotten friend, the extra one to fill numbers, it's always been this way and I'm now more prepared to deal with it when it inevitably happens again. I think friends can break your heart more than boys can. But alas that's fine, of course. 

This was the first year where I actually looked forward to summer. It got to April time and my precious roll necks became a burden and all I wanted was a chance at a tan. We booked a week in Spain and the lead up was exciting and all, but the minute it was over and England switched between rain and sun, I became so quickly over summer and wanted brown leaves on the floor and corduroy skirts back in my life asap. 

This has been the best summer (of my life shall we say) with a holiday and J and actual friends and said friends' engagement and career prospects to look forward to. But that's all I'm doing now, looking forward. So I'm more than happy to say goodbye to summer, how perfect it all was and all, but to welcome darker evenings and my first spot of a tree decoration in September, the words 'it's all too early' from any man I've ever known and the smell of bonfires and jumper shopping and warmth in such a different way. I'm ready for the cosiness of blankets and when asking for a cup of tea at the pub doesn't seem so silly now.

So goodbye summer and hello Autumn. And please God let me get more original content because I'm cringing at myself already. x

The thought of wearing trousers in the summer months, quite frankly, scares me. Clingy material from the waist to ankles gets a no from me, but here I am wearing some in August. And here's why.

I'm one of those people who visualises an outfit before picking up the pieces to pair it all together. I had the shirt and I had the trousers, and putting them together literally came to me in a dream one night. In the colder months I'll pair the shirt with a knit and skirt, but shirts themselves aren't thick. Leave a few buttons undone at the bottom, tie the sides together for my favourite kind of cropped top look. I swear against buying tops or shirts already tied when buying, purely because it's never tight enough or at the right place on the hips. So just do it yourself with what you've already got. This shirt is from Newlook. I did say that shirts aren't think, but those flimsy see through cami needing ones might not work as well as a more fitted version. But the choice is yours.

The trousers. Linen is your best friend here. It will need an iron after every sit down or movement. BUT it's thin and airy and perfect if you work in an office. Stone and beige colours work well here with the crisp white shirt. These high waisted ones are from Nasty Gal last year and although a tad big, sit nicely on the waist. 

Click the affiliate links below to shop my look. Trousers ARE fab for summer. Don't let them tell you otherwise. 

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The hotel

I'm a nervous flyer. I hear every knock and vibration and truly believe that that is it for me. Down I go. For my recent trip to Spain I was looking for ways to help keep stress levels down beforehand, and someone mentioned a stay in a hotel close to the airport. Premier Inn then kindly agreed to gift me and my other half the room for the night and breakfast the next morn, but as our flight was so early, we'd be on the plane before the eggs are flipped and cereal was poured. Very sad.

Anyway on the Sunday night we got a lift down to the hotel, at our own pace. No rushing. No 'what if there's traffic', nothing of the sort. I think this was the bit that really helped me. Being able to just go, when we wanted. We arrived about 4pm, checked in at their Stansted hotel which has it's own restaurant and bar downstairs and a big foyer which was fab when there were a 50 of us waiting for the shuttle bus the next morning.

Our room was rather large, as all Premier Inns seem to be. I've stayed in hotels where the bed is almost attached to the bathroom door and unless you fancied sleeping with your suitcase, there is just simply no room. No here obviously, much room for activities. We had a bath too, perfect for a little relaxation if you're panicked like myself. In the evening we headed downstairs, booked a table at the restaurant, but if you're looking for a quick meal, there is a few fast food places a 5 minute walk away too. After a few drinks we sat down to order at the table. The food came quick enough, and I had CHURROS for dessert. A winner for me let me tell you.

We spent the rest of the night (until a 9pm bedtime) with an alcoholic beverage of our liking whilst watching my favourite island based tv show. Up at 2.30am with an aim to leave at half 3. We checked out and sat in the lobby waiting for our ride. The shuttle bus doesn't start until 3.45am and the queue can get quite long, and its £3 per head in cash, if you needed to hop on. Once away the bus only takes 10 mins max, and at that time of the morning, there were barely any cars on the road as it were.

Escape Lounge

We were then gifted the next morning in the Escape Lounge at Stansted Airport. Downstairs and away from the chaos, it was like walking into a spa. We were shown to our table and let loose on the unlimited teas, juices, breakfasts (fry up, cereal, fruit) as well as unlimited alcoholic drinks at the bar. A prosecco was a welcomed addition at 4am. We knew by this time that our flight was delayed so being able to sit in peace, charge our phones, and watch the planes go by was lovely. I honestly have not stopped going on about the experience since the trip, to anyone flying (and anyone who has ears). I felt VERY important may I add, and now it's an extra I intend to book for every flight. Click here for the website.

Once our gate was shown, we headed down to wait even longer to board, never mind once on the plane, sat for an hour to grab a slot on the runway. Staying at the airport hotel and popping to the lounge before my flight really did ease my nerves though. The thought of rushing to the airport is one of the main causes of stress for a lot of us, so being right there, 5 minutes away really helps. Plus being sat in a quiet place, full of unlimited tea was a welcomed bonus. I can't recommend either enough. Delays however will always happen, I was just far more prepared for them than I'd have ever been before.

Thanks to Premier Inn for the gifted stay and to Escape Lounge for the gifted experience. Very VIP.

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