The Abbey Hotel Bath. In one sentence? Stay here.

From the all in one desk and wardrobe combo to the gorgeous views from the toilet seat (you heard me), I loved this hotel wholeheartedly. You may have read my Bath: where we stayed post, where I said that I couldn't find fault with this hotel, and my point still stands. It's a Marriot, and you can tell. Don't get me wrong, it's not the biggest hotel room on the planet. But there is enough space. Theres a TV, the chair for coats and clothes to be thrown onto at the end of a fun day. I mentioned the desk/wardrobe combination and whist they're separate entities, they're connected, and that's good enough for me. There's free bottled water, an iron and ironing board, robes and slippers. 

The hotel is all about printing art. The theme is carried throughout the rooms with prints on the wall and a print roller by the side of the bed. I adored the headrest and the old style phone was a hit on my Instagram that evening. 

Location wise it's pretty much perfect. Located across the road to the River Avon, the hotel is a couple of minutes walk from the local shopping areas, restaurants and touisty places such as the Roman Baths and the Abbey itself.

When I stupidly messed up the dates of our stay, it was the staff at the hotel who instantly sorted the problem, transferring our stay from the Thursday night to the Tuesday night without a hitch. We had a glorious breakfast in the hotel's restaurant, and it became a "thing" for me to try the avo on toast each day at the different hotels we stayed in. This one was a gooden. We ordered room service throughout the evening which was brought up to our room quickly, and all in all had a fabulous stay.

We only stayed at the Abbey Hotel for one night, but I really do wish we had longer there. If you are looking for a hotel in Bath where you want a little bit of luxury, then I cannot recommend this hotel enough.



If you've read my Bath: what to do guide, you'l remember just how much I love the city of Bath. We took a trip in mid-late summer, which was perfect weather wise, and not too busy that we didn't get to enjoy the things we had planned.

Today I wanted to give you a quick run down of the places we stayed at whilst there. Each hotel has it's own mini-review so click through for their individual posts.

Abbey Hotel Bath
I made a *slight* error with the bookings, and instead of booking one hotel from Tues-Thurs and the other Thurs-Fri, I had actually booked one from Wed-Fri and the other Thurs-Fri, a problem we only stumbled upon when I looked at my paper work for hotel 1's postcode on the way there... Click here for the full review and full story
About the hotel:
+ Fabulous staff
+ Amazing breakfast in the hotel's restaurant
+ Right by the river
+ Minutes walk from everywhere
+ Small room but modern
+ Beautiful views from bathroom
+ Room service delivered within minutes
I don't actually have anything negative to say at all about the hotel if I'm honest. It's nailed the modern and vintage/original look and it's definitely top on my list for future visits.

Francis Hotel Bath- MGallery
Our stay here wasn't so great. The room had a number of issues including lights that didn't work, the only window in the room covered in bird poo, stains on the sheets, and the walls, irons that smelt like burning instantly and dirty water in the kettle. I of course have complained and have been invited back next year once the refuerbushments have been made to the hotel. The manager insists the issues I faced are the ones he has highlighted for changes by next year. So I will keep this page updated with developments.
+ Also a central location
+ Modern looking
+ Breakfast delivered to room if restaurant is fully booked
+ In hotel bar with friendly staff
+ Rooftop bar
+ Close to Jane Austen musem
+ Minutes walk from a bunch of restaurants

Will update this page each time we stay somewhere new in Bath! What has been your favourite place to stay in the city?



I can officially announce that Bath has my heart. Whilst international travel was a far fetched dream this year, we opted to head a few hours down the road to Bath, somewhere I'd had on my list for a while, and a place I'll now never fully tick off of it.
So, the original plan was to stay at the Francis Hotel Tuesday- Thursday, and then swapping over to The Abbey Hotel on Thursday for one night. I however, made a slight error in the dates and booked both hotels for the same night. Whilst the Francis were unable to change the date, The Abbey were more than happy to accommodate, and we stayed there from the Tuesday-Wednesday night instead. Click here for my Bath hotel reviews.

What we did

Museum of Bath at work
For £8 per adult, the museum is a sweet shop for those who love all things mechanical and engineering. My partner is an engineer, so this was very much his type of thing. The museum is run by volunteers and gives customers free entry for a year if you gift aid your ticket purchase. Any little donation made to this museum make a huge difference, so we left a little one on our way out. Theres a coffee and cold drink station upstairs with an honesty box, and you can clearly see how much work has gone into it.

If you're ever in need of something a little different to the usual Bath activities, then I'd definitely recommend this for sure.

The Roman Baths
A tourist staple. It's around £25 per adult depending on the day etc, and is definitely somewhere to tick off your list. I didn't realise how much more there was to see than just the outside bath. It's full of history, something I've grown to appreciate more recently than before.

Something I wanted to do for a while. The Bath Boats are situated just down the road from the main city centre. You can book a row boat, or punting boat for one or multiple hours and it's definitely something I'd do again next summer. We stayed on the water for around half hour/40 minutes and headed back to the boat house to decide on lunch.

Food and drink

The Old Green Tree Pub
If you want old English, traditional, real Pubs, then this is for you. Tim, the landlord was a star telling us about the history of the pub (1710!) and couldn't have been nicer to chat to. You can tell by the locals that everyone was a fan of the place and after a couple of hours, we felt like one too. We stayed for a few drinks, headed back to the hotel for dinner and decided to come back again for a few evening drinks afterwards. The Old Green Tree needs its customers, and I'm only more than happy to tell you about them.

Pizza Express
I've been to Pizza Expresses in London and I've always had good service. The bath restaurant however is a big no. We booked in advance, got there and was told they didn't actually have a table for us. Eventually they put us in the small room at the back, where the sun was roasting us as we sat there. We were continuously ignored by the waitress, even asking one if we could order. Eventually she came over, took our order and then disappeared. We weren't given any drinks until our food came and we asked the manager (?) if we could have some. He reminded the waitress that we didn't have any and she couldn't have looked like she cared less if she tried. She brought over part of the drinks order and finished the order once we had almost finished our meal itself. Luckily I had a student discount code to use, and I'd have been very annoyed had I had to pay full price for what we received. Food wise, my partner couldn't eat much of his as it wasn't fresh at all. Avoid at all costs, there are far nicer Italians or Pizza houses in the city to spend your money at. 

The Canon & Slug and Lettuce
Simple, easy and good food from both restaurants. Good places for a quick lunch or weekend brunch dates.

On our final night we headed down to Bills.  A staple of decent grub and a nice atmosphere. Great service, I can't complain!

Bath has captured my heart and I'm already planning my next trip. Have you visited Bath?



Let's talk transitional

The weather has been a little all over the place this month, but in true me style, I've been eyeing up the knits and boots all week. I've put together a couple of transitional looks to see us through the next few weeks of warm, but slightly autumnal weather:

Brown knit top

Wear with white jeans and heels for a day to night look

Pink knit top and cardi co-ord

I've added more white jeans and would add some white converse for the day time

Cargo shorts

THE shorts of my life. Completely in love. Add a cropped white shirt and espadrilles for a day out with brunch.

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AD gifted experiences and affiliate links used.

Weddings. My first "adult" wedding threw me straight in at the deep end, as the Maid of Honour. There was so much more to do for the day than I first realised that I wanted to list everything I used, booked and bought in a handy little guide so that when the time comes, wedding season won't throw you off like it did me!

Dress and shoes

When I say dress, I mean dress number 1. The bride and groom were blending their cultures, so after the white wedding as such, came the Arabic and Ghanaian outfits to end the night. The latter was handmade by the groom's family, and a keepsake I'll always cherish. My church dress was a gift from Chi Chi London. When they offered me a dress from their bridesmaid collection, it was perfect timing as the group were just deciding on the choice of dress for the day. Mine was a dark green floor length gown with a cowl neck and the most gorgeous pleats. We added a pearl belt and nude heels to finish the look. 


I was kindly gifted a voucher by Treatwell towards a beauty treatment of my choice. I chose to go for a mani pedi a couple of days before the wedding. Treatwell have thousands of options for treatments, so I chose a nail salon close to home to pop to before the bridal shower. I asked for white on the toes, and nude gels on the fingers. I loved how I could prepay before I went so that the salon would already know what I've booked. Click here to book your treatment through Treatwell.

Hair and Makeup

Blow LTD also kindly gave me a voucher towards an at-home treatment. I went for a Super Glam makeup look and it was brilliant that I could get the makeup artist to come straight to my hotel room, especially with the weather on that July weekend in particular. I was in and out of the chair within 40 minutes and jumped straight into my hair. I knew that out of the two of them, I'd be able to do my hair myself rather than my makeup. Lee Stafford sent over a bunch of hair care products and the Makin Waves hair styler to try out. The styler gave subtle mermaid style waves, instead of rings, which was perfect as I knew my hair would start to drop out the minute we went outside. My waves lasted all day and I just pinned the sides back and had my side fringe out in full. Click here to book your treatment through Blow LTD and here for the styler!


I'll go into a lot more detail about the hotel in another post soon but honestly staying in a hotel the night before the wedding (and the night after) was a blessing. My room, the bride's and a few of the groom's friends and family were next to each other, so being able to pop back and forth the morning of the wedding was fab. 

I hope this bus stop tour of my thoughts was helpful. For now my first adult wedding is complete. And honestly, I'm quite ready for the next one. 

 When I chose photography at A Level, I really wasn't into it. I had the cheapest bridge camera I could find, and with my course more focused towards editing an image rather than actually shooting it, I came away after 2 years with no idea how to actually take a photo on the thing. I then bought a cheap Nikon with my first few pay checks from my weekend job, a couple of cheap lenses and got to work on my Instagram feed. Fast forward a "couple" of years to today, where the word "f.stop" gives me chills and I spend far too long working out whether I can afford another lens or not. 

What I have used:

Prior to my current equipment, I have used a number of Olympus Pen cameras (E-PL8 and E-PL9). I love these cameras and will always recommend them to anyone looking for a good camera for images and video, with a range of detachable lenses available for use on this, and other Olympus camera models. I have a stack of different lenses, and will still use the camera for shoots at home, especially for any food shots for example.

What I use now:

Before choosing my current equipment, I took months to research what exactly I wanted for my content. Initially I wanted to be able to shoot everything in house, without paying out for a photographer every time I wanted a specific look. I researched the lenses used by the photographers I love and purchased the chosen lens second hand with a cheaper camera body. Whilst I love the lens, and it did as I wanted it to, I think it was my own skills and knowledge of cameras that limited my ability to use the camera to its full potential. Then, a couple of months ago I began following a content creator on Instagram, of who's content I fell in love with. She provided free resources on how to use photography equipment, editing techniques and the lens that she loved. So of course, I couldn't get that lens out of my head. I saved, bought the lens and haven't looked back. The Sigma 50mm lens has changed my content for the better. It's a portrait lens, so theres no zooming and the subject has to be far enough away to get a decent shot of an outfit for example. The lens has been the best investment that I've made this year for sure.

Oh, and all of my current camera equipment is second hand, and works perfect fine! 

Editing wise I have always (and will always) used a Macbook. I love the ease of airdrop between it and my phone, and I just find them far more comfortable to use than a windows. The main editing tool however is of course Adobe Lightroom. I've used the software since I knew what a preset was, and have hundreds of different editing combinations saved on there, shared with the free app on my phone, and it's just the best thing I have found for getting the look I want for my images. 

I also have a tripod, ring light and soft box lights, but all are rarely used as I always shoot with someone else, my sister, boyfriend or other Instagram pals, and lighting wise find that natural lighting works better for my shots.

I'm still learning, and will inevitably fall in love with another camera or lens in the near future, so shall keep this post updated with any new links. 

Buy my equipment here:

Olympus camera

Canon Camera

Sigma lens

Canon lens


Olympus 45mm lens

Olympus 30mm lens

Olympus 25mm lens

Olympus 17mm lens

Olympus 14-42mm lens

K x

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We all know how I'm a high street gal, and am forever on the hunt for long lasting pieces at bargain prices. However sometimes, buying from the high end source really does pay off. I recently made my first REVOLVE order, and was very much not disappointed. 

First in my order was this white crop top from Majorelle. It's cotton, with ruched cups and a gorgeous poplin fabric. I paired it with some blue skinny jeans and popped on my trust white espadrilles for a day's shopping in the town. My second piece was this beautiful blue skirt by Tularosa. With it's elasticated cotton material, it's perfect for those long awaited brunches this summer. I've paired it with a simple white top and of course, the espadrilles again.

Finally, and by far the piece I was most excited for, the Corie top from Majorelle. It's simply stunning with it's ruffle details and peplum hem. It's perfect for work, or that jeans and a nice top occasion. Here I'd paired it with my trusty white flares and a pair of simple white heels.

Buy them here

Items featured were gifted by REVOLVE.


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