When I was 15 or so, dying my hair was a yearly (or more) hobby I rather enjoyed. I wanted the "omg it looks so different" comments and have always had a dislike for my dark brown hair. It got to the point two years ago where my hair was so damaged and so dry that cutting it into a bob was the best thing for it.

I loved that bob, and wouldn't ever rule out going for it all off again, but my hair doesn't like to grow fast, and after 6 months or so I start to yearn for flowing locks again. You see the issue here? Anyway if I wasn't going to cut it, I needed something else to do. So back came the dye. When Whiteman Soho agreed to become my Hairy Godmother, I was over the moon. The consultation came first, discussing which shade would suit my original colour as I'd chosen a balayage. I had a patch test and came out very much excited for my appointment the following week.

My stylist was Billy, and he knew exactly what he was doing from the colour to the cut so I'd recommend him to anyone. We started by going over everything, double checking what I wanted then he explained that he would do a more blended balayage as I wanted subtle tones rather than icy blonde to start. After an hour or so of applying, it took no time at all for the colour to stay put. It was washed out, toned twice and conditioned to keep it healthy. I asked what to do about going into the pool on my holiday in a few weeks, and Billy said to put a leave in conditioner on beforehand, if anyone wanted to know.

We chopped the ends off, fixed up my fringe and was treated to a blow dry and curls. I love it. The colour is a very soft beigey blonde and starts high up enough that you can't really see where it starts, but nothing on the root, aka low maintenance. I really couldn't recommend Whiteman Soho and Billy enough. If you fancied booking click here for their site. The salon itself is so modern and simple, and adds to the experience itself, plus it's located in the Ham Yard so you'll be feeling very fancy walking out after too! Oh and whilst you're there, you may as well head to my favourite restaurant in the area for a quick lunch and a show off of your new look ;)

A big thank you to everyone at the salon, my hair is perfect and ready for the summer now!

*This was a gifted experience by Whiteman Soho.


Saturday saw a lunch invite down to Gordon Ramsay's Heddon Street Kitchen for a three course meal and a few cocktails on the side. Our table was set with menus and even a blanket incase the weather turned (which it didn't, v warm in fact). We were seated on the terrace outside, surrounded by plants and the street itself, just off of Regent Street, was a beauty itself.  The bar manager introduced himself as he explained the drinks he was serving us. I'm not sure what the first one was, but I have NEVER tasted something so nice. 

We chose the bread for starters, warm and diamond shaped. Simple bread but a 10/10. My choice of main was the ravioli, which had just been added to the menu the day before. Jay ordered the fillet steak and hasn't stopped talking about it since. It was a melt in your mouth moment apparently, how a steak should be. I don't eat red meat, but I'm drooling just thinking about it. We both had chips on the side, with the ketchup coming in a jam jar. A literal jam jar. The next cocktail had a prosecco base, lovely of course, but the first was still my favourite. 

I'd like to take this time to say that the staff were AMAZING and so attentive, but not overbearing. I saw them constantly refilling waters and wine and it's a small thing but you don't get that at restaurants near me. Could not do enough. 

Dessert was a salted caramel and fresh berry bowl for me and a kiwi and passionfruit (I want to say?!) sorbet for Jay. It was so simple but it worked after a filling meal and a belly topped up with alcohol. And on that note, another frozen treat was handed to us in a paper cup (LOVE anything takeaway), a frosé by Belsazar. I'm not usually a rosé person, but as much as this strong, being a slush toned it down quite a bit. Does that make sense? 

I really can't rate the restaurant highly enough. If you're out in the city, then definitely think about heading down to Heddon Street Kitchen. Anyone want to treat me to brunch... soon... please?

This experience was kindly gifted by Gordon Ramsay Restaurants. This post was not asked for and all thoughts are my own. I just enjoyed it very very much. 

I've sat through many talks about body positivity and have various mental health qualifications. I am beyond happy that we can now all see that a normal body is ANY body. I'm glad we can all see that the women in Vogue are photoshopped and not real, and we can spot if someone's got a filter on their face. Does that mean we should call them out for it and tell them to be happy with what they have? Well no not really. It's come to the point of seeing tweets or stories where people feel that they're not allowed to feel bad about themselves, that wearing a filter because they want to is a making someone else feel bad, like THAT'S the crime here. 

It seems like nothing, because of the thousand 'it's ok not to be ok' messages we see daily. It's great, but I think people assume that that's all it takes to be positive, a little positivity thrown your way. Telling me my legs look great doesn't mean I'll stop hating them instantly. I wouldn't dare moan about them to anyone because I'll have some unwanted positivity thrown in my face and I'll feel worse for hating them than how I felt originally. Does that make any sense, I feel like it doesn't. But anyway...

I see so many people saying that they are confident in whatever body they're in to wear a bikini or that they don't want to go to the gym. That is amazing and I'm all for it. But there people who ARE wanting to change and AREN'T happy with themselves, so stop making them feel bad for wanting to change. 

 If Sally wants to lose 3 pounds because she feels uncomfortable, say "Sally that's great, go for it" not "Sally don't do it you don't need to" because it's empty words and Sally doesn't want them. The same with nose jobs or lip fillers, breast enlargements and hair removal. We're all for people doing what they want with their own bodies, so if they want to change them, let them change them. Here's a poem to help: If you're happy with your body then that's great for you, but some people aren't and that's ok too. Great isn't it.

Every Sunday night you'll find me on my laptop searching for holidays I can't afford. We've booked one though, a bargain price in a hotel location. Bring on July! I thought I'd kick off my summer travel series with a look in my suitcase at the skincare products I take with me on my journeys. My suitcase itself is from American Tourister and the colour matches my car perfectly (who doesn't love pink?). It's a cabin case, but big enough that it'll be my only one for my trips this year as with two sections, I can cram literally everything in. It's perfect. 

Let's start with the basics. I cannot live without my Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish. The only thing I use that makes me feel completely clean and soft, and gets rid of eye makeup without making them sore too. If I'm having a pamper night, I'll use this mini bottle of Glam Glow's Gravitymud firming mask, and wipe it off using the Image cleaning wipes. Then I'll slap on some LanoLips Lip ointment (can be used anywhere) because no matter what time of year, my lips will be dry.  At this point I like to use my jade roller just to go over my face. As we all know I have no idea what I'm actually doing here and mostly roll for fun. 

Anyway, my current moisturizer is the Bioderma soothing cream and let me tell you does this stuff sooth. It's beyond rich and thick enough to feel a different but not stay sticky on your skin. I am loving it right now and can't image a day without using it. I've forgone makeup primers too just because I didn't feel the need after using this. 10/10. As it's summer (apparently), I'm trying to add more SPF into my routine, so a quick mist of the Bioderma Moisturising anti-uv mist is fab. Plus it's cooling on the face on a really hot (and sticky) day. For any extra dry bits, I'll add a little of the Neil's Yard Wild Rose Beauty Balm before makeup or anything as I find this, plus moisturiser, really helps for foundation to glide over and last longer on problem areas.

Lastly, body skin wise, I love using this mini bottle of the L'Occitane shower oil as there's nothing like smooth skin after shaving to help you feel fab in the summer. Plus is smells great too. Before I head out, my go to sun cream is the Bioderma 50+ sun mist. I know I won't tan, so why bother with it when I can add extra SPF, save my skin and just fake it later on?

Have a great summer all x

*Some of the products featured in this post were gifted/samples. All views are my own and this post is not sponsored. 

I've never thought to experience London with no plan at all. I'm always rushing to a place, or home from a place, and never wanted to stay in the busy streets a minute longer than I need to. I've been to Liverpool Street hundreds of times, so when Point A Hotels offered me a night at their LP Street location, I thought it was a fab idea. 

Head down a little side street just off of the main road and you will find the hotel quietly sitting there with only a sign to tell you where it is. Very modern and warm, we walked into the foyer and was given our key card and breakfast vouchers within a minute. As I don't do lifts, I walked up to the second floor to see that on the landing of the first was an ironing room, complete with boards and hangers, which was a 10/10 start for details. The corridors were dark, "fancy" as I put it. We walked to our room and opened the door to a bright room with a huge window overlooking the gardens. 

The room was smaller than expected although this was never an issue. It came with towels, shampoo/hand wash and a TV. There's a small desk that's a shelving unit until you pull it down and out, and a few round hooks on the wall. The curtains were black out so the minute we got in, the blinds were shut and the mood lighting was our entertainment for 10 minutes. Everything was touch screen, from the lights to the air con. For being modern and a tech lover, I'd give it a 10/10 for that. 

Cleanliness wise I'd give it an 8/10. The minute I walked in I spotted a few hairs on the pillows, and it was just a slight put off as there were no extra ones available in the room. The drains started to smell around 10pm also, but I doubt that's avoidable or the staff's fault at all. 

I know Liverpool Street quite well, so after a day out and traveling, we decided to forget the planned pub and meal, and grabbed a few bits from the shop and had a very romantic dinner in bed. 

Breakfast was continental, from 8-11AM. Loads of different cereals, pastries and fruit on offer, and fresh juices too. I think you had to pay for the teas and coffees, although I'm not sure as we didn't have to hand our vouchers in so, who knows, hot drinks may have been included after all. I opted for my usual bran flakes with an apple juice and a pesto and basil pastry. We sat in the garden to eat, which consisted of a sheltered decking area, with a ramp leading to the larger part of the garden, with as many plants as you can count and an even bigger decking section. 

We checked out at 11 which is a great time actually. Overall we had a great stay, and would definitely stay again. The hotel would be perfect for someone on a night out in the area, as there are tonnes of bars, pubs and restaurants, and being right next to shoreditch, it's a perfect location really. 

This stay was kindly gifted by Point A hotels and the post a result of the collaboration. All views are my own. 

Of course the answer to the question is relative. Where have you bought it from? How good of a dupe is it? If it wasn't a dupe, would you buy it just because you liked it anyway? Dupe culture has risen in the past few years, with designer good being the way forward, and the national living wage not quite up to speed. I myself could never afford to splash hundreds or thousands on a piece of clothing, so I also head to the interwebs to see what I can find.

A prime example is this dress. Beautiful in it's own right. It has sat in my wardrobe for over a year for the fear it being far too OTT for drinks at the pub. I'm past that now, since putting it on twice in a week and falling back in love with it like I did the minute I opened it. It's a Zimmermann dupe, the Zimmermann's of which are not cheap. This dress is a near exact copy and to refer back to the earlier questions, yes I would have bought it even if I didn't know what it was meant to be. The dress, to me, is fabulous quality too, so a more premium dupe if you were. I really want to do a full post on where I pick out these dresses etc, so for now I shall keep it under wraps (but my dms are always open for secret telling). 

I paired the dress the first time with a pair of (duped may I add) Chanel looking mules, the ones with the pearl on the heel. For this summery day you see before you, a pair of Primark's submission for the black strappy heel we're seeing everywhere. Stick on a pearl hair clip and grab your personalised Abbott Lyon (gifted) bag and you'll feel 100 quid, or at least I did. 

High end looks at high street prices.

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