It would be a push to say that I hated coral. I don't have a thing for it, or look it and think 'wow' but nonetheless, it's not too bad. I like pinks, browns, beiges. I'll slip something black or grey in there too sometimes, but never coral. I've usually been fully on board with Pantone's colours of the year, with my wardrobe usually having a few pieces of that shade. This year, 2019, the colour is "Living Coral", whatever that means. It's a mix of orange and pink, more pink but not pastel pink. I am a muted pink or  a "Rose Quartz" colour (of 2016) kind of gal as it were.

Things may change in the summer months. I may opt for a coral shirt with white culottes, or a coral midi skirt with a white cami. When will white be the colour of the year please? It's the colour of my life already.

Anyway here's a couple of (very very basic) ways to brighten up your look if you fancied trying it yourself. 

Make up
I picked up a YSL lipstick in the Boxing day sales last year ('18). One red, one nude and one coral. It's the coral's time to shine. It's easy to wear with a soft looking face, nothing too bold. A transparent liner from Bourjois works well to add definition before a light swipe of the colour over the lips. Simple. 

Perhaps my biggest challenge, coral is NOT a colour I wear at all. It just so happened that a few weeks ago I was contacted by a brand (Look and on the list of products I could pick to style within our collaboration, a little coral suit set jumped out at me. Now, for photographic purposes I've slapped the blazer and trousers together, and I'd happily wear them with a lace cami and heeled sandals in the summer, but for now they'll be work separately. Blazer with an all white look, and the trousers with... well pretty much the same thing.

Annnd that's really all I have to say on the subject. If coral IS your thing then fabulous, enjoy. If, like me, it still haunts you a tad but you're TRYING then I praise you. It's only for 10 more months.

I personally believe that a photo will make or break a lot of things. One bad photo can knock the confidence of anyone. One bad photo can stop that top you love so much from being taken out of your wardrobe ever again. A series of bad photos can ruin a day's worth of work, something you'll only realise once you get home. I do however, think that 'bad photos' are a learning curve, something 99% of bloggers/instagrammers/people of that sort will have experienced themselves. I love seeing the "my photography 2 years ago to now" posts on Insta and Twitter, because visual progress is always a good thing. I don't however love blurred, wonky photos that look nothing like the image in my head. So I wrote a guide to avoiding this very situation.

Step 1: To splash or to saveA weekly issue that I face. Do I hop on Instagram and find a blogger worthy photographer to take my street style shots, or do I pick up my camera and do it all myself. There are pros and cons of each: a photographer will know what they're doing (it's their job) and you don't have to worry about the shot coming out pretty decent (that said if you hire someone who has completely different tastes in imagery, colours etc then this may not always be true). Most photographers will edit the images for you. If their style is similar to yours then fab, but I love creative control over every element, including the edit, so I find it hard to wait a few days for the finished result. They aren't cheap either. I've worked with one or two photographers who I love, get on well with and know that they'll do a great job. The minute I come to work with them again they've upped their prices by nearly double for the same (or even less) package, something I just can't justify splashing out on atm. Obviously if you shoot it yourself then every element is in your control. Great for control freaks like myself, but as you'll read further down in this post, having someone else take the photos for you, who may not have any idea what they're actually doing, can lead to disappointment when it comes to seeing the photos in HD for the first time. Editing takes time. It's my favourite part, so for me I love knowing I have hundreds of photos to sort through because that means CONTENT. And it's free (bar the camera expense/ editing software etc). If you have however been convinced that a professional photography service is the way forward, then you can click off this post, make a cup of tea and settle down for the night, because I have nothing left for you. If you choose to do it solo (excluding the bff/boyf/girlf/parent/stranger you've asked to hold and press the button) then please do carry on reading.

Step 2: The equipment.Shooting on my phone and shooting on my Olympus Pen are two completely different experiences. Currently, I'm opting for the Pen. The images are clearer and just exactly how I'm looking to portray myself recently. An expensive camera isn't always required though. Phones are far more capable of building an empire upon than they were when I first started doing all of this. I have many shots saved on my phone, worthy of the 'gram, ready for a day when I've ran out of photos. However, I do love knowing that everything I'm editing has a place on my feed, but also my blog, because the quality is just that good.

Step 3: Location location locationThere are masses of "Instagram guides to..." on the web so it'll be hard not to be inspired by the cafes and pretty walls wherever you live. London is a hive for every type of person, and every type of shoot. If I want pretty flowers in the spring I'll head to Chelsea. If I want hipster style cafes and architecture, I'll pop down to Liverpool Street or Shoreditch. Remember that 'ugly location challenge' a while back? I saw some beautiful shots from the most unsightly places. Just be willing to make it work, wherever you are.

Step 4: AnglesSo you've grabbed your camera, chosen your spot and convinced your bf to come along. You start shooting. You check the images to find that they're blurred, has your head cut off, and is so high up the forehead looks 10x bigger than usual (true story). In terms of blurring, it's simple; CHECK THE BLOOMING IMAGE. If one shot is blurred, the next 5 will be too. It's really simple to focus on the subject. The Olympus Pen lets you use the touch screen to click what you want in focus. Why is it so hard to press on me and not the tree half a mile away? Phones work in the same way, by c-l-i-c-k-i-n-g the person. Other cameras will have a viewfinder, somewhere where you have to look at the image before you take it. Rapid press by all means. Everyone loves a long choice for that one gram, but don't just forget about it and assume it'll be ok. Because it won't. 

And on to angles. 

If you've ever been on a shoot with me or one of my pals, you'll know that the lower you go, the happier we'll be. Directly face on shots are GREAT if you're capturing just the headshot or that new lipstick you've been wearing for example. Longer distance outfits shots may LOOK face on, but if they really were, the aforementioned forehead issue would arise once more. I've illustrated my concerns below:

As you can see above, the first image was taken straight on. Half of the photo is the road. The road is not the fashion blogger. As I've said before, I use the 45mm lens on my Olympus Pen. This lens doesn't move and you have to be further back than usual to get a good amount of the subject in. Although being further away does mean for a varied (or unwanted) depth of field, the issue here is the angle itself. Had the photo been taken from the floor, facing upwards, the road would almost disappear. Had I been closer in the first photo, with the same angle as the first, my head would have been cut off or I'd have been left with a small square of actual photo (if that makes sense). After rereading this paragraph I fear that none of it does actually make any sense. Alas it does in my head so here it shall stay.

Really, I think the only way you'll find your 'sweet spot' and know what you want is by getting it all very wrong, to know what's very right. I'm no expert, and could never do it professionally, but I do have a qualification in photography, and have done enough shoot days with the bloggers to know what works and what really doesn't. I know straight away when *insert name here* is going to hate the round of photos we've just taken, and I know what we can try next to get it right. I think listening to the subject's wishes is SO important. When I'm in picture posing mode, I'll know from just standing there that the person taking the photo isn't making sure that it's in focus. I'll know when the angle is too straight and I'm more than happy to ask the person to get further down, and angle it up, to get what I want. Hand actions are key to a happy work relationship. Don't shout, just wave.

I frequently describe myself as 'beige and boring'. I wear beige alot. 50 shades of beige they should have called it. I love beige, and I love whites, and browns and the occasional muted pink. I'll pair a nude top with black or white trousers and add my Chanel inspired sling backs to complete the look. You won't find many other colours in my collection. I think I own two blue dresses (tweed and lace so it's acceptable) and nothing of the bright orange or green kind. Being minimal is all about the basics, but it doesn't mean you have to be boring at all.

Frill me up baby. Frills are fabulously fantastic. The bigger they are, the better. Imagine a pair of black court heels, black high waisted trousers, a blouse with big frilly sleeves, and a tweed blazer on the shoulders. Classic. I often refer to pinterest for inspiration at the start of the season. Under the 'minimalist' search results you'll find amples of camel coloured coats and jeans, black boots and roll neck jumpers. I spent a lot of years trying to find my 'style'. I bought Primark and Boohoo only in order to test the looks at cheaper prices. If I liked the pieces, I'll think about upgrading to New Look, Zara or River Island. A lot of the UK's highstreet store's products are often on the site Shein at a cheaper price too if you didn't know.

Back to the subject at hand; being Over the Top. My workplace's dress code is smart. Men in ties and shirts and the women can pretty much do as they wish as long as it's not leggings or a tracksuit sort of thing. I however like to take the 'smart' rule to the extreme. A suit or a blazer and skirt combo isn't out of the question for myself. I'll maybe up this even more by the outfit being all tweed too. God that gets the eyes watching. I recently got a pleated grey skirt from Zara. Sounds normal enough, but the pleats make the skirt bounce slightly and puff just a tad. It's one of those swoshy kind of skirts that makes you feel fab. Pop on a black high neck, a camel coat and a pair of OTK boots, and you'll be the centre of attention from all angles. 

Outfit image: All black with a white shirt and a black tweed blazer. Add a broach and bang; an instant something. I have a Chanel borach from a few years ago and it sits on my everyday jewelry plate for the day I really feel like feeling fancy. My last little tip is to add a print. 2016 me would die at the thought of willingly buying the leopard print skirt that I love so much, but I can't tell you how grateful I am that I did it. Here I think the shape and style matter most. A white shirt, nude courts and a printed (brown tones or monochrome) midi or pencil skirt would piece a look together nicely. 

In summary:
- Learn to love beige
- Wear the frills
- Buy cheap until you just KNOW
- Coats help a lot
-Try a print you never thought you'd love
-Wear what the bloody hell you want 

The end.

 I believe in basics. White t-shirts, good pair of Converse and a staple handbag. Check. My wardrobe is full of them. I'm often asked by people (aka my mum) on what to pair a fancy shoe with, or a patterned pair or trousers, and every answer is BASIC COLOURS. For me, that's the neutrals. For you it may be neons. Whatever you fancy. 

I layer a lot. Nude vests under shirts are the ultimate comfort and warmth helper. There isn't much I can say about vests, just get them. All of them. Next is the top. T-shirts, blouses, jumpers. This is where my basics get interesting. Basics don't need to be boring. A shirt I've barely taken off seems quite plain, but the buttons are beautiful and the sleeves are amazing. A basic? Yes. Fashion? Yes. 

Trousers. How I love them. A good pair of black or white palazzo trousers will do you well. I also love a fitted trouser too, like these Zara ones with the pleated top. The camel coat. Oh the camel coat. A piece that I will rebuy year after year. It goes with office wear. It goes with jeans and boots. Honestly there isn't an item that I couldn't live without more than this. 

The bag is the cherry on the bakewell tart (actually I hate cherries but here we are). This Radley bag is so beautiful. The leather isn't too stiff, and I don't feel too scared to ruin it. I'm hoping thats a positive. Lastly I've added a pair of court heels because although I'm not done training myself to walk in them, there isn't any shoe that I find more flattering on the leg than a court heel.

Shop the post:

I'm a "smart" kinda girl. I've watched The Devil Wears Prada a million times (ish) and wish I could pull off a suit like the likes of the two Victorias (Of In the From and of the Beckhams). I don't work in an office and have been told on a few occasions that I dress far above my pay grade. I won't pretend that I can walk in a pair of court heels, but it was that very court reason that I once signed up for, and began a Law undergrad degree. For the Fashion.

2018 was the year of discovering my style as such. I found beige to be the perfect mix and match tone and that midi skirts weren't the devil's craftwork. Mixing this with my love of corporate clothing, I've began to put together a chunk of my wardrobe for the board meetings at 10am that'll I probably never actually have. Have you ever done an online order and loved everything? This was that order.

The shirt and skirt are both from Pretty Little Thing. The former, oversized and bat winged a little, with my favourite kind of buttons and just the right amount of tuck-in-ableness. I don't own much snake print, or any animal print for that matter, so this skirt was a risk. At £6 its the best risk I can think of. The watch* is a new one by Elie Beaumont. Gorgeous and beige, and I adore the square face that I've never had before. And lastly, my new Lipault bag*, a gift after their new store launched, and the perfect size for my laptop. The quality is perfect and although you can't see it, the space inside is enough to rival that big blue time machine. 

Products marked with an (*) are gifted by the brand or their PR. This post is not sponsored. All thoughts are my own.

Metaphorically speaking, I always knew I was there. Somewhere probably under a big white duvet with her cat, over thinking about the world. But I was there. I've come to terms with myself this year, and admitted a few truths to the mirror image along the way. It's allowed me push the other person to the left a bit and be ok with it. 

English please?

I don't remember much of the first few months of the year. I've had anxiety and panic attacks (mental ones where I'll over think, cry and not sleep or eat etc etc) since I was 12. You either get used to them, or you don't. They've gotten worse this year, but so has my coping I guess. I know when I'm being an idiot and rewinding my problems again and again. I qualified in something which I'll go on to later, but of which taught me about the 90 second rule of anger which I agree works with panicking too. It takes 90 seconds for something to happen, a trigger, for your body to emotionally respond and then stop responding. If you then rethink about that trigger, it'll go around and around until you make that decision to stop. I need to let that 90 seconds happen if it comes, and learn to keep it at 90 seconds. Idk, like stick on a cat video or something at 87 seconds and see what happens.

Anyway, I've admitted to myself that I have a problem. It was today actually that I looked at myself and said "God you need help" as I panicked over the most stupid of things. 2019, I intend to see someone or do something, because it's bloody hard to deal with sometimes. 

April saw my first big holiday since I was tiny. Cyprus for 10 days with dodgy wifi and family I miss daily, was both the best, and worst time of the year. I love my cousins dearly, but being sunstroke and  sick in the vile beach toilets whilst I could barely bend down to reach because I'd burnt my entire left leg and hip area on the first day, wasn't a highlight if I'm honest. Oh, and that wifi. God bless the UK's 4G.


I met Jay in June (or the end of May, either one). There was a literal list of things that we clicked on, like being too hungry that you're not hungry anymore and innuendos or dad jokes left, right and center. We became a pair in June and he's given me some fab friends that are certain to get Christmas cards this year. We've all booked a holiday in the new year and I may or may not have started to plan my travel content already (hint: I have). 

November saw my qualification of a sort of mental health/therapist person of which has helped my own self esteem and confidence in everyday life shoot up like never before. I actually did a presentation, unlike my first try at uni where they asked me to present and I ran straight to the office to quit. On the topic of university, I'm now halfway through my second year and haven't ran away yet. What a result. My birthday was the best I've had. As much as I'm an introvert, around my cousins and pals; I love the attention, so big fancy parties are always a thing. This year I decided to take everyone ice skating, an activity which I'd tried once before and can safely say I cannot do. Period. A few weeks beforehand I tried to reserve a table at a bar that everyone liked, but as a poor woman, couldn't afford the deposit. The bar kindly put us on the guest list nethertheless and I thought nothing of it. The evening came around and I was shocked to find out that one of my 'surprises' from one of Jay's pal's girlfriends (ie now my new friend hello) had paid the deposit for the table and bought a big drinks package for the four of us. An ANGEL.

It's now December. Most of the presents are wrapped and I'm looking forward to finishing work next week, and just drinking hot chocolates all day in bed. I'm looking forward to 2019 too. I have my very first brand meeting in the first week with a company that I LOVE, and the holiday too. I'm nearly at the 'big' 5K on Instagram which has been my goal for a few years, and I WILL get it by midnight on the 31st. I will. I'm having the best time of my entire life and for the first time, I truly feel like I'm present in it. 

To 2019.

A bit of luxury at Christmas never hurt nobody (I wouldn't really know though). The last of my gift guides features my top 3 types of gifts that are a little bit special so I guess I'll get straight to it.

The first is this watch from Adexe. I buy myself watches each year as I know what I want and what outfits match with what shades. Saying that, if someone handed me a little box on Christmas day with a rose gold (or beige or cream) one inside, I wouldn't half be impressed. My second choice is this Radley leather purse. It's more like a clutch bag or a makeup bag, and it's simply lovely. The quality is clear, and the dust bag sums up the luxury here. Lastly, a Grace Flower Box of long lasting flowers would be a dream come true. I was kindly send this gift set from the Grace team, featuring a mini sized bouquet, a notepad and notebook, which all complement the GFB aesthetic. 

Other ideas that have sprung to mind are spa days (a hit with my other half), jewelry of any sort (he bought me a beaut necklace for my birthday I woe the day I'll ever take it off) and would a surprise holiday count? I think I'm just listing my wishes here but I'm not hinting at all *cough cough*.

Are there any more luxurious items that you want to open this Christmas day? Let me know because I really need to write my Christmas list...

*All items in this post were kindly gifted. All opinions are my own and I was not paid for this post.

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